Thursday, 28 December 2017

Predictions for 2018

       India: -
  • This year will start on a positive note and will be good for economic growth. After the first quarter, growth in business will be seen, as government will be taking major decisions to facilitate them. On the job front also this is a good year.
  • A policy shift by the government will be positive for crops and petroleum products.
  • Government will face major challenges and lots of criticism. Non-productivity or low-productivity of the government will be highlighted by people and the government will have to justify their actions or decisions.
  • A female leader is expected to come at the fore and bring about a positive turn of events.
  • 2018 will be the year of Spirituality and Dharma. A major shift towards discerning Dharma will be seen. Spiritual places like temples, mosques and churches will form a major part of the lives of public.
  • This year will be good for Manufacturers and Traders in our Country. A good year for Startups. 
  • This year will be good for Real Estate Sector, we can see recovery in 2018
  • Banking Industry will play a Vital Role in correcting Indian Economic condition
  • Stock Market will see new heights this year, although this year is of swings.

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